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Click here for the Chevron B8

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Here are a further selection of our models.  If you are interested in further details of these or other models, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

Click on the pictures to show an enlarged version of the cars.


Left, the Bluebird CMN-8 Record car. This is available as a 1/43rdkit.

Right, the 1938 Railton Special (Black Sides) Record car available as a 1/43rdkit.


Examples of the
Hesketh 308 1/43rd kits. These models are
Harold Ertl's Warsteiner and James Hunt's works car.

Hesketh 308 James Hunt's Ford model
Hesketh 308 Harold Ertl's Warsteiner model
Brabham BT34 left side view

Examples of the Brabham BT34 Grand Prix cars in 1/43rd scale.

These are still available as white metal kits.

Brabham BT34 white metal kit

Left, the 1899 Jeantaud Profileé land speed record holder. Available as a 1/43rdkit

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